Recess Drama

Today at recess was hectic. First of all we keep popping balls so the teachers band them from recess. So all the boys got on the spider web and chanted we want balls! We want balls! The teachers were so upset. They were frustrated that they were losing control over us. Then there are two people who like each other and they’re so cute together. Whats funny though that she used to hate him. Her friend tells him and all he does is stand there.I’ve heard a couple things about by crush. I’ve heard once that he likes me back. But let me tell you love is hard.

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Picture made by me, Ava Wright

This is my baby sister dancing at my grandmas.



This is a silly skit, enjoy! 😉 By Ava lucia Wright

child: help! help! I was robbed! Call 911! help! I am petrified!

police: What’s the matter, what was robbed.

child: someone stole my lollipop!!

police: (unimpressed) realy, I’m going to buy some ice cream.

child: (angerly) Hey! Aren’t you going to help me, I spent 75 cents on that lollipop!!! Hey! You get back here right now!!

(child stomps off stage)


WRITER’S BLOCK!!!! By Ava Lucia Wright

I have writer’s block,

my brain is locked,

look at the time!

I’ve been up since 7 o’clock!

I hit the bump,

I dumped all my horrible Ideas in the lump,

I tried to write about my rump, and cup!

wish me luck. 😒

Thanks for reading! 😘 P.S I actually I had writers block, then I thought, why not write about writers block!!😆



You should never doubt God, he is always by your side. Once I was afraid while sleeping when I was younger, I heard a voice telling me not to be afraid, since then I have slept deerly.

I hope that you will stay close to God and keep learning about him throughout your life. Thanks for reading. 😘

God is the sheppard we are the sheep, when we stray from God he will redeem us.