A tree with a baby by me (Ava Wright)

There was tree who had seeds. there were 10 of them. One landed by her. Now she was worried because she knew it would not grow well because her branches gave shade.The little tree did not grow well. He did not get the sun or water he needed. When it rained she would shake to grant him water. she tried to with drawl her branches to give light to her little one, but only a slight came in. One day people appeared to move the the tree and the mother was happy.

this fable means that when you are near satin you will not grow in faith, try to keep satin as far away as possible and closer to God. when the grown tree was moved away, that was a symbol of Jesus dying on the cross for his children

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The sleeping dragon by me (Ava wright)

Caves I imagine are spectacular, magical and fantastic. Though I’ve never been in one, I know what they look like, at least what I imagine, Someday, somehow you’ll go into a dark cave with lit crystals all around, glowing with magic, you’ll go into the cave to find a sleeping dragon that awakens and becomes furious, but then you whisper a lullaby to her, because all she needed was love. She was more sorrowful than angry, she cries into your shirt, wishing she could start over life or just go up above to the peaceful place, where only joyful things happen, no pain, no wounded hearts, just happiness. someday though, her wish will just come true, she’s just got to survive.


Trust God

Rend Collective – My Lighthouse (Official Video) – YouTube
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During these tough times we just have to trust GOD. He is our lighthouse, and he will lead us safe to shore. GOD is our lighthouse during tough times. If you are not a follower of Jesus yet I would advise you to put it in mind. go to your local church and see how you like it. Look up some videos on you-tube. I would also advise you to get the bible app and do some plans to see how you like that too, I’ll put the link up above. Watch My lighthouse by rend collective, I will put the link up above as well, it says that GOD will lead you safe to shore, easier understanding, to safety and peace. Just because you decide to follow GOD doesn’t mean there will be no more troubles in your life. Often people think this and when something bad happens they think GOD forgot about them and he doesn’t care, but if he would get rid of all troubles we wouldn’t learn, we’d be spoiled kids. He will help you through the tough times, and your tough times will eventually disappear if you follow GOD. If you don’t like this idea go on about your business and do what you think is best, this is just a suggestion, but please keep this idea in mind if your feeling stuck and out of place :).


Stay Strong

A flower in the wind is like a baby in the ocean, defenseless, and unable to escape, a whale in a pond is like the popular girl at school, getting everybody’s attention, getting people interested. witch one would you want to be, the helpless baby, or the strong popular girl. I would want to be strong, and able to get people to listen. often at time I find myself to be the helpless baby, unable to escape my trouble, trapped, and scared. We are all the hopeless baby at times, it doesn’t matter how big, or how small your trouble are, it just matters that you over come them, even if you have to call for help, pray to God, get help from your parents. Right now I think we all have troubles, unable to see your family, missing your friends, who else finds there selves stuck on electronics for hours, because you’ve done everything possible, and there is nothing else to do. I haven’t said what I’m talking about, but I think you know. ( listen to this song and do what it says Lauren Daigle – Rescue (Official Music Video) – YouTube)



Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you some things to do before we have t go full quarantine.

  1. You probably know this but why not tell you, get your supplies. Me and my mom went to the store and almost all the paper towels were gone. We were lucky we got a pack. And we’re talking empty shelves! And you could only get one purchase of paper towels, and the aisle was almost empty, imagine how many people got paper towels then.
  2. See your friends. You may not be able to actually get together with them, but talk through your window. That’s what me and my mom did with my BFF. Sure you can talk on the phone, but it’s not the same.
  3. Check on your loved ones. Again you can talk on the phone, but it’s not the same. I’m not saying travel 1,000 miles to see your grandma, but go see the ones you can. Just make sure there’s only two or maybe three people in the room. It really depends on how old the family member is. If it’s your grandma, and she’s old, make sure there is only two people in the room and same if there is a baby.
  4. Get your Starbucks! the other day I got my last Starbucks for a while. So really just get the last foods and drinks you might not be ab to get. This is the most important to me, LOL.
limit to one per household

Empty shelves! This is getting out of hand


Hey guys ! Happy Spring, sorry i haven’t posted lately, I’ve been so busy with dance. I’ll try to post as much as possible. We all know about the Corona virus, I’m extremely sad because my whole dance season is called off, but think about the good things coming out of this. First we get more time with family. Me, I usually never get to spend much time with my family, but now I have no school or dance and get more time with them. Because tonight is movie night!πŸ˜„. Also I can post more, Yay! Now I’m not saying there is no bad in this either. Because I have some friends I only see at school and dance. Just remember to wash your hands and stay healthy😘.


Recess Drama

Today at recess was hectic. First of all we keep popping balls so the teachers band them from recess. So all the boys got on the spider web and chanted we want balls! We want balls! The teachers were so upset. They were frustrated that they were losing control over us. Then there are two people who like each other and they’re so cute together. Whats funny though that she used to hate him. Her friend tells him and all he does is stand there. I’ve heard a couple things about my crush. I’ve heard once that he likes me back. But let me tell you love is hard.

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This is a silly skit, enjoy! πŸ˜‰ By Ava lucia Wright

child: help! help! I was robbed! Call 911! help! I am petrified!

police: What’s the matter, what was robbed.

child: someone stole my lollipop!!

police: (unimpressed) realy, I’m going to buy some ice cream.

child: (angerly) Hey! Aren’t you going to help me, I spent 75 cents on that lollipop!!! Hey! You get back here right now!!

(child stomps off stage)


WRITER’S BLOCK!!!! By Ava Lucia Wright

I have writer’s block,

my brain is locked,

look at the time!

I’ve been up since 7 o’clock!

I hit the bump,

I dumped all my horrible Ideas in the lump,

I tried to write about my rump, and cup!

wish me luck. πŸ˜’

Thanks for reading! 😘 P.S I actually I had writers block, then I thought, why not write about writers block!!πŸ˜†